What’s Mama’s #1 Problem

Hey There,

So here’s the question of the day! What’s Mama’s #1 Problem?

Is it:  a) Baby’s teething? b) Baby won’t sleep? c) Baby won’t go potty?

Dude! You have to think like me!

The Answer Is:…How am I going to lose the baby fat?  

Am I right or am I right? I had trouble having patience after my babies were born, because I wanted to diet and lose the weight right away.

Usually I talk about babies, children and family, and lots of great tips, but secretly, it’s important to me to keep the weight under control!

I want to feel good about myself, while trying to be a good mom. So, secretly, what’s Mama’s #1 problem? It can actually be weight.

So many lucky, lucky girls say that they lose their baby fat by just eating what they want and nursing their baby. They say the weight just falls off when they’re breastfeeding.

This program did not work for me. Nothing fell off.  It didn’t work with my 1st, baby, my 2nd baby or even my 9th baby.

With my 1st few babies, I waited impatiently until we were finished with breastfeeding, and then I starved myself and managed to go back to my pre-baby weight. It was tough and no fun!

Now I’m cool and modern and I’m on the new, yummy Keto diet, which is not a diet. It’s a style of eating. You actually get to eat all the good stuff!

What's Mama's Number 1 ProblemEverybody has a ‘thing’ with diet, these days. Non fat, lactose unhappy, gluten sadness, low cal, low carb and so on and so on.

Some diets work a bit, but you’re miserable, and some work well but it’s slow and you’re miserable. And some work very well and you’re completely and totally miserable until you quit and gain weight again.

There’s a cool vibe out there with this style of dieting. It’s rapidly gaining in popularity, because it works! There are  recipes. There are help groups. And there is success!

You are going to love it.

Therefore, if you want to lose baby weight, Try it!  If you indulged over Thanksgiving and you might be indulging through the Christmas holiday, Try it!

Here’s your new best diet lifestyle.

What's Mama's Number 1 Problem

Hot Mama! Here you come!


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