What is My Purpose Here?

Does anyone wonder why we’re on this earth? Is my being here, on this earth, going to be valuable or important? What is my purpose here? Is it to have as much fun as possible, to populate the earth just so we can have a functioning planet? Or maybe it’s to create, invent or care for something? Am I called, somehow to do something important while I’m here? Hmm, that strikes a bit of a chord in my mind.

Everyone has a feeling deep down inside that tells us that we are here for a purpose. The question is, what is it? Is everyone here for the same reason? Are we here for many different reasons? If we fulfill our purpose, will our lives become entwined together into a beautiful tapestry, where we will live and give and become fulfilled in our purpose here?

I’ve probably exhausted you all with many unanswered questions! Rick Warren, who wrote the Purpose Driven Life, certainly seemed to feel that we have a purpose in this world and we should figure it out and then get it done,… so to speak. Secretly, I have to admit that I haven’t read much of the book, just snippets, but I get the idea, and I definitely think he’s on track.

I know that deep down inside of me, I feel like I’d like to do something important, something valuable, something that will mean something to someone, somewhere.  It was John Maxwell, famous author, speaker, etc. that said he wants to add value to people. I’ve completely stolen that phrase, even though I’m giving him credit, because I want to add value to people, too. People are the most important things on this earth. They are the chosen, the created, the most valued of God. Why wouldn’t I want to give back to people. If I can give something to you to add value to your life, then that adds great value to my life. When we add value to each other, we’re actually giving a gift.

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Surprise, I have a Gift for you

I was shopping in Costco, checking out the free snacks. I wasn’t even thinking about adding value to anyone. I was not thinking about giving a gift of my time or encouragement. Then I saw a sweet older lady sampling something and I was drawn to go directly over to her and get something. It turns out that she was not giving out any free samples, after all, but she was giving information about a vitamin supplement. I know a bit about vitamin supplements and I said, ‘Oh, I know what CLA is. Isn’t that interesting that you are giving out info about that’. She actually asked me what CLA meant. I said ‘Its Conjugated Linoleic Acid. It’s an essential fatty acid that supports lean muscle retention, especially when you work out.’ I told her it was a bit hard to say, but it was a very good supplement. She seemed so pleased that I spent some time talking to her, so we chatted a bit longer. No one was really coming to get her pamphlet anyway. I laughed and said that maybe next week she’d get to sample warm chocolate chip cookies or coffee or something more popular.

She smiled at me and said enthusiastically that I had really made her day. The minute she said that, I thought to myself, ‘No way lady!  As soon as you said that to me, you totally made my day!’ Just because I took a few minutes out of my shopping time to chat with a nice stranger, it ended up making my day. It was like my purpose here was to make her day, and her purpose here was to end up making my day. I was not trying to add value to her, but I think in the end I actually did.I love flowers

When it is all said and done, it’s not always the big things that we do, but the many small things we do, whenever we can. Truly I was one who was blessed that day.

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