The Value Of A Gift is More Than Stuff

The value of a gift is more than stuff. It’s never about the stuff. I love my babies, but when they grow up, there’s no better friend for life than your own grownup little dear. Your little one will become a friend who is priceless! Your precious kiddo is the gift; someone you deeply care about, and hopefully they care about you […]

Don’t be a Helpless Parent; 3 Steps to Well Behaved Children

 Don’t Be A Helpless Parent! 3 Steps to a well-behaved child; Even when you’re out and about. 1. Teach them to obey your voice at home. Our first baby was already independent by 18 months. I had crazy fears of him running out on a busy street. It was extremely important to me, that he responded to my voice immediately. I wanted him […]

Ultimate S.A.H.M.

Home sweet home is my turf where I  want to be the Ultimate S.A.H.M.  I’m very happy about being a stay at home mom, but I wasn’t always confident or secure with that identity. Now, after being home with 9 children, I can look back and see the benefits. I’ve had children that were at almost all the phases of […]

Mom Shaming

Have you ever been shamed by another Mom, stranger or not; just when you least expected it?  I read this great article, written by a sweet young mother, named Jessica. I know her indirectly through her family. She wrote this great story about her experience with Mom Shaming and I admire her so much. There are some […]

Lovin’ The Big Family

There was such a great article on Baby Center/Mom Stories. Her post was called ‘Large family shaming’, even though she was lovin’ the big family, herself. She felt set upon by strangers who’d make rude comments about having her big family of 6 kids. We’re lovin’ the big family too, but I think we can all agree […]

The Top 10 Questions +1

It’s really fun to have 9 kids.  No seriously. Sometimes I can even have a little fun with it on the side. Picture this; we’re out there in the world interacting with strangers, I’m minding my own business, when I notice that we’re being noticed! You know what I’m talking about? Just when I think I’ve been […]