Top 5 Gifts to Give My Children #4

The first gift, on my list of the top 5 gifts, is the gift of giving my little sweethearts a sincere, compliment or recognition. The second gift was to help them learn how to interact with grownups, with confidence and respect. The third gift in my top 5 gifts, is to teach them to be aware of others […]

Lovin’ The Big Family

There was such a great article on Baby Center/Mom Stories. Her post was called ‘Large family shaming’, even though she was lovin’ the big family, herself. She felt set upon by strangers who’d make rude comments about having her big family of 6 kids. We’re lovin’ the big family too, but I think we can all agree […]

A Horse in My House – Impossible!

Back in the day, some airlines had seating groups, where 2 seats faced backward and 2 faced forward. What do you do when you’re sitting there facing strangers for 4 hours? This is a very common arrangement on a train, so I don’t know why I think it would feel a little awkward on a plane. I guess […]

Coincidence ? Maybe, maybe not ?

I’ve heard some seriously fascinating stories of coincidence. People tell about crazy things that happen in their lives, where the unexpected takes them by surprise. Stories that range from –  ‘Guess who I ran into today at the mall?’ all the way to – ‘You are never, ever going to believe what happened!!’  Are these stories just random coincidences that don’t mean […]