Our Newest Homeschool Project

I just found a really great HomeSchool project. It’s actually great even if your kids goes to school, It’s a great project. We’ve homeschooled our 9 children for most of their school life. Time and money were tight, but most of all, energy was tight. If you can imagine that;) There was always a baby or […]

What’s Mama’s #1 Problem

Hey There, So here’s the question of the day! What’s Mama’s #1 Problem? Is it:  a) Baby’s teething? b) Baby won’t sleep? c) Baby won’t go potty? Dude! You have to think like me! The Answer Is:…How am I going to lose the baby fat?   Am I right or am I right? I had trouble having patience after […]

The Value Of A Gift is More Than Stuff

The value of a gift is more than stuff. It’s never about the stuff. I love my babies, but when they grow up, there’s no better friend for life than your own grownup little dear. Your little one will become a friend who is priceless! Your precious kiddo is the gift; someone you deeply care about, and hopefully they care about you […]

Top 5 Gifts to Give My Children #2 Gift

When we first started having our kids, I felt like it was my job to just teach and train them to be good little children. Raising little dears is so much more than making them into good little robots. Now that I look back, some of the training techniques I used were actually gifts that we gave […]

Top 5 Gifts to Give My Children

As a Mom, I have the greatest influence when it comes to building and shaping my children into confident and successful adults. I have the ability to start their lives off with some wonderful advantages. So I’ve realized that there are gifts we can give our babes, and none of the top 5 gifts on […]

Balloons and the President

You know I love a good story; especially when all worlds collide into an amazing coincidence. A coincidence is a just a series of simultaneous events, but when you start thinking about all the details and you ponder the odds of the events happening, all at the same time, and that’s when it becomes amazing. Our whole family flew to Panama, to do […]

Cool Animal Parts

I feel very light-hearted today and I don’t have anything incredibly deep or instructional to say. I just want to tell you that  ‘As you lay on summer day, in a warm and sunny place, don’t look up into the skies, instead look down and squint your eyes. ‘Squint your eyes so very tight, and if you look with all your […]