Our Newest Homeschool Project

I just found a really great HomeSchool project.

HomeSchool ProjectIt’s actually great even if your kids goes to school, It’s a great project. We’ve homeschooled our 9 children for most of their school life. Time and money were tight, but most of all, energy was tight. If you can imagine that;) There was always a baby or a toddler, and you know how energy sapping that can be. It was tough for me to fit in an extra HomeSchool project that would take more time and energy.

Many of our kids have graduated,…my work there is done. Yes! An accomplishment! But I still have several more years left of homeschooling.

HomeSchool Project

I’m trying to up my game a bit and be a little more creative. I’m so excited to be able to add some variety to our schooling this year.

Our curriculum has been pretty full of intense book learning so we need to insert a good homeschool project, to spice up our school. Thank you Facebook advertising for introducing me to KiwiCo. The company caught my eye, and I’m so glad it did.

We chose the kit we wanted based on Caleb’s age. The first kit he received in the mail was the Tinker Crate, science and engineering. He got to learn how to build an electronic spinning wheel where you squirt paint onto the paper and make an art project.

Science meets art!

Taking a risk and trying this company was a great move. Since I was keeping my eyes open for a new homeschool project I went for it. Doing something completely different, is stimulating his mind and his imagination. He got creative and he’s having a change of pace from his usual book work.

I was really surprised and pleased with the results of our first overall experience.

Here’s what happened. 1st of all, Caleb thinks he’s getting out of some boring book work so he can do a fun project during school hours. He’s excited to try something new. 2nd, the surprise of getting a new homeschool project in the mail was a new and super fun thing for us. 3rd, it is a special time for us to focus on him and work on something creative together.

I had him unbox the whole project and read each step of the instructions. He had a massive sense of accomplishment as he actually figured out on his own how to put it all together. It was just enough of a stretch for him, that he was super proud that he was able to do it.

I didn’t tell him ahead of time that the kit was coming in the mail with his name on it. What kid doesn’t love to get mail? Little kids see Mommy and Daddy getting letters in the mail every day, and they get nothing, right? So if your little dear gets something in the mail, it’s like Christmas.

When I told him that I had bought 3 projects and the next 2 would arrive in the next 2 months, he was so excited.

HomeScool Project

Tinker Crate from KiwiCo is a total win. I love it. If you have little ones who love to try new things, even if they go to school, this is totally worth it. For a good price, you get to spend time with your little dears, building a great relationship, and at the same time, you’re helping them learn, the fun way!

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