Mama Wants to Look Good Too!

My life isn’t all kids, although that’s such a huge part of my life and I love it. I also have a business with makeup and skincare, so I recently took an amazing refresher course on fashion and style. I focused on learning to analyze body types and how to feature your best qualities and downplay our challenges. I still want to look good and not give up, and if I can learn a tip or two, then I’m going for it.

Mama wants to look good, too. As a stay at home mom, it's easy to not take care of myself, but when I take some extra time, it sure helps my self image to improveIf the course had only taught about which clothes are in style right now, I’d have all the info I needed to go out and buy lots of fashionable outfits. Then I’d be in style right? I’ve noticed that certain trends are not always my best look so then what do I do?

Its so liberating to know that I can still look good, even if I’m not flaunting the latest fads in clothes because I’ve learned some tips and tricks to look my personal best. 

I’m not a fashion diva or a trend setter, Ha ha, I don’t know if that’s good news or bad news. I just have one goal. That is to look pretty wherever I am. If I’m going to watch sports, I’ll be wearing jeans, but my shoes will probably have sparkles, my makeup will be done and I’ll have some kind of top that’s girly.

I have friends who’s main goal is to be comfortable, whether its casual or fancy. I have other friends that are so trendy, they stand out in a crowd and beautifully show off the next season’s fashion hits and they look amazing. What’s your style and are you comfortable with it?

What did I learn, you ask?

  1. How to choose the best colors for me; the ones that will make my eyes come alive, my skin appear healthy and youthful; colors that show harmony, balance and confidence with my hair, skin and eyes.
  2. I learned about the different figure frames; who is lighter on top or bottom or straight or curvy. Everyone’s figure style has their own challenges and their own great features. Fashion isn’t always designed for your style. We learned some techniques to work with our own figures to look our very best. Mama still wants to look good!
  3. I learned how to accomplish an ‘all-together’ look. I didn’t always know how to do that. Do you know there are tips and tricks that help you look your personal best? What if you knew them and it could make the world of difference in your overall appearance and confidence?
  4. I learned why we should consider how we look when we’re dressing for success. I’m talking success in life, not just work. When we’re interacting with other people we are creating an impression about ourselves with our appearance.

Why is that important, you also ask?   😉

If you don’t care about fashion, or shop much, you should be asking ‘Why do I care?’ Well, here’s one thought. I have a friend who says that if she gets ready in the morning and knows she’s done her best to look nice and she looks appropriate for the occasion, then she can forget about herself and spend the rest of her day focusing on others.

Do you know that people watch you every day, looking for clues as to who you are. You know this is true because you do the same thing:) There’s so much that you can learn about others at a quick glance, but if you’re inadvertently sending out the wrong impression, you might be smothering your true message.

Here’s a few startling stats to give you some perspective about how women see themselves in the world.

9/10 – girls want to change at least one physical trait.

6/10 – are so concerned about how they look, they won’t do normal daily activities that they’d like to do

4% – of women worldwide, think they’re beautiful, only 4%

72% – of women experience pressure to feel beautiful especially through social media

80% – of women think there’s something beautiful about themselves but they don’t know what it is.

7/10 – girls feel that they are not good enough to measure up, looks, school, etc.

98% – of girls feel pressure to look a certain way

92% – of teens want to change something about themselves and their weight is #1

4/5 – negative tweets on beauty are from women about themselves.

11% – of girls ages 10-17 are comfortable describing themselves as beautiful

Girls aspire to be confident. And 65% of girls  describe the women that they look up to, as confident.

Girls, Ladies, Women, you are fearfully and wonderfully made. These stats really tell a story about how we as women feel about ourselves. I feel empowered with some knowledge now that I can use some tips and tricks to look nice and then move forward to do what I’m called to do in this world.

I do quite a bit of speaking in business conferences, but this is a topic I really enjoy. I love flowers, they're like a ribbon on topWouldn’t you like to feel confident and empowered with some knowledge that you are prepared, and you look good and you don’t have to be self conscious?  

I can come and speak to your group and I can help you have the freedom to know that you look good and then you can get out there in world and get some stuff done!

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