Life, It’s Complicated

Life, it’s complicated. One moment, I have a desperately important situation I’m dealing with, and the next moment, I’m fussing about being slim! I’m not trying to be a tall, blonde fashion model, or a 22 year old cheerleader, I just want to have my slim, youthful self, and still be going strong. 

I was such a goofball and I previously wrote a post called, ‘What’s Mama’s #1 problem?’

That’s such a ridiculous title, because, basically it relates to no one. In that moment, I was thinking about diets, and how I needed to go one one! It was my #1 problem, in that moment! . 

I am not crazy or obsessed about weight loss. But, I was remembering that after having babies, I had gained an impressive amount of weight. Oh, how I wished that I could be skinny and energetic again, right away! It was hard to be patient and not diet, because my babies needed to be breastfed, and if I didn’t eat, then they weren’t happy either. 

Don’t you get excited to share something new, when you have just discovered it?

The new diet that we were trying, is working and I was wishing that I’d had the Keto Diet after my babies were born. I could have eaten reasonable quantities of food, been full and nourished my baby, all while slimming back to normal.

I just get frustrated when I know there’s something I can do to be slim and healthy, but whatever I’m doing just isn’t working. Hence, the Keto Diet!

So in the moment of writing that post, the #1 problem on this Mama’s mind was how to lose weight and feel good about myself again. 

When you read, Mama’s #1 problem, you probably had many, many other things on your mind. You might be worried about your finances. You might have a sick child, (so stressful), you might be lonely.

My goodness, there’s a myriad of difficulties we Mama’s face! So, Life, it’s complicated.

Life it's complicated. Have a healthy drink

Sometimes, I’m being lighthearted, and silly. I’m wishing to be slim and energetic and have my clothes fit.

Please just stay with me in my silliness, and enjoy learning about some new ways to eat that can be healthier and very delicious.

Even when you’re dealing with life’s difficulties, why not have a yummy, healthy treat. Try this one and tell me if you like it. 

See the recipe and have a drink on me 😉



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