Hobbies are Healthy

Hobbies are awesome for children.

Hobbies are healthy! Even when it means extra work for mama? Yes,…it is worth it. So let your kids explore.

Caleb’s best buddy, Tanner loves rock collecting. Then he finds out that his cousin, Adler is into rock collecting, too, so that made it totally exciting. He collected some rocks and surprised me with a beautiful hand-crafted ring.

What a treasure! Not for the value of the rock, of course, but the value of the sweet little boy who showed his love to his Mom. 

Hobbies are Healthy

Working on a hobby lets your little ones express themselves as they’re growing up and exploring their world.

How sweet that Caleb chose to give a gift as a way to express himself.

It gives them a goal, a purpose, something to focus on. 

Hobbies are healthy because they help your kids to discover themselves, their interests and build their self-esteem. Hobbies are also great educational tools. (Just don’t tell them that they’re getting schooled). In general, hobbies teach children to set and achieve goals, solve problems and make decisions.

Caleb even studied his gift to me and took it back and improved it!

Hobbies are Healthy

So he and Tanner have been learning about geology. Cool, extra education, without me having to teach at him.

It didn’t feel like I had to cram stuff into his brain that he doesn’t care about. He’s always reporting to me about stuff he’s learning. 

Those boys were out finding rocks, bringing rocks home from vacations and looking up all kinds of info about the minerals that are in the rocks.

The beauty of sharing experiences with friends, is that even though I can see that Caleb is not actually super interested in rock collecting, he’s having a really good time with his friend while they’re learning.

He’s spending quality time, learning with his friend and having a lot of fun.

You never know, hobbies can set the course for what your child becomes later in life. They often turn into lifelong interests or careers.  Very cool, right? It’s very possible that Tanner might do something in engineering that might be geologically based. Caleb is still exploring many ideas. 

Parents, we have the biggest influence in the lives our little ones.

If you’re a bit involved with their hobby, to provide guidance, support and encouragement, you will help to build their self-esteem and self-confidence. They’ll learn that they don’t need to be afraid to try something new and it’s worth it to try. You’ve got to admit that hobbies are healthy, mentally, emotionally and sometimes physically

You can use hobby times to teach your child strong work habits. Following directions closely, setting goals, and proper planning and organization, are a few examples. You can show them that nothing worthwhile is ever easy!

Kids get frustrated when the going gets tough, and become easily bored and want to quit. Even a hobby takes some work and dedication if you want it to be successful.

I’m not against TV / Screen time, but…

If your little dear don’t have a strong interest in a hobby, or fun activity, here’s a crazy suggestion! Turn off the TV!

Its amazing how hard that is for me to do sometimes. When I’m tired, I want to turn it on and veg. When the kids are hyper, I want to turn on the TV and let them veg!

By turning off the TV, here’s what I’ve found. I’ve turned off the TV, and then sat there with them! Yes, there we sat, looking at each other wondering how we’re going to fill the evening.

Then someone says the magic words. “Let’s go…(insert creative idea here)”. And that’s when the magic happens.

Some of the things that I’ve seen happen..

a. Can you read that chapter book again. Right now we’re reading ‘TheHobbies are healthy, especially reading Hobbit, plus box set pocket edition’. –  now I’m wondering why I picked such a long book. It’s taking us forever to get through it! It’s made for some wonderful conversation. Its a very good story.

b. Let’s go outside… let’s play swing baseball, build swords and shields, let’s work on the tree fort, let’s build a ramp for our bikes, etc. Mostly from the boys, lol.

c. Can you teach me to make cookies, oatmeal squares, French silk pie, how do I sew this, I want to make a quilt, yikes, that’s a big one, I want to practice calligraphy, etc.

Amazing creativity follows the turning off of the TV. This is when the good stuff happens. Memories are made when Mama gets mean and takes away the fun of their TV / screen time. Worth it, I say!

Just a little stat here:

It’s been noted by experts that by age 15, the average child has spent more time watching television than sitting in a classroom.  I believe that they spend more time passively watching something rather that interacting with their family!

Hobbies are healthy, they are a rewarding and enriching parts of our lives. Encourage your child to explore his own interests and find a hobby of their very own. It’s okay if their interest fades and they move on to something else. Just help them to make the most of the hobby for a time. You’ll make awesome memories with your little sweethearts. 

What hobbies are your children into right now? When I was young, I tried out stamp collecting and then I had a collection of tiny little fancy spoons, but I really loved needle work and making hand crafted things. My grandma taught me to knit and crochet and when I was older, I took it up again, and I’m really enjoying it. 

Maybe some of the skills your little ones are learning will become a valuable part of their adult life. Hobbies are healthy, because life is more than your physical body, more than a job, its about a quality of life that has depth. Enjoy the journey, the mess and the learning with your little ones.I love flowers, they're like a ribbon on top

P.S. This just in! It’s too cold and snowy to find rocks. Magic Tricks are in! Why did I let him buy the Magic Trick Kit. ha ha ha!

Time for the show    Pick a card, Any card…


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