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The Ribbon On Top is a place where I want to give back. Using kind or encouraging words is a great way to give back. We can’t always physically do something for others, but we can speak, share and pray and nothing can stop us from doing that. A large part of giving back is to be grateful and to express that gratitude.

Today I’m very grateful for where I was born and raised until I was 21 years old; Canada, the land of my birth.

Give back and be Grateful for the Land of Your Birth
Canada, The Land of My Birth

I have been privileged to travel from the west coast in Vancouver, B.C. all the way to Oromocto, New Brunswick on the east coast. I skied the Rockies and vacationed in the Maritime Provinces. I’ve seen the Plains, the Rockies, the oceans and the lakes.

Today is not my day for facts and figures. There’s no way I could write enough in a short post and do justice to this fine land. Check out the facts and figures, posted by others who are better the me.

I lived the culture, from big cities to villages to farms. I got my education from kindergarten to college. I’m grateful to have been raised in a country that is known for its kindness and politeness throughout the world. We have family in Canada who range from business owners to homemakers; from educators to just plain hard workers. We have family who were actively involved with the political system and a brother-in-law, with the amazing partnership of his wife, served as an excellent member of parliament. We have family that are so deeply involved in their churches and communities that their impact will be felt and remembered for generations to come.

Canada, my homeland, was a country who supported Israel under the strength and I love flowers, they're like a ribbon on topleadership of the 22nd Prime Minister, Stephen Harper. Thank you, Sir. Fine Job. This year is a new beginning, with a new Prime Minister. We should definitely pray. That would be the best way  that I could give back.

This is my day to say  Happy Canada Day !  Party on, my people. You deserve it.

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