Crystal Cathedral Coincidence

I‘m loving hearing about stories where people run into others in strange and unplanned places. The coincidences seem impossible and I’m wondering why these coincidences happen and what does it all mean. I believe we’re all connected through the tapestry of life and we can take these chances to build up each other and use these times as opportunities to give back even if it’s just to uplift someone with a gift of a compliment. I know I enjoy hearing coincidence stories, participating in them and pondering the repercussions. If its only to have some fun in life, well, good enough for me. Don’t we all like to have a little surprise fun once in a while?

I know we’re here for a reason and I’m telling you that you are important and you make a difference. I believe that coincidences happen to remind us that we’re not invisible, and we impact each others lives.

Uplift someone with a gift of a compliment
Crystal Cathedral Coincidence

We attended a business event in Long Beach, Ca. The best part was, the keynote speakers were our very good friends and business associates, Dr. George and Marion. The event was Saturday and they asked if we’d like to show them around town the next day. We know many cool places to see and visit in So Cal / Metro LA. and we had a great list of interesting ideas to show them. They had traveled from Canada and wanted to see some cool things, so we made our plan and we were off and running, loose in the megalopolis of LA.

One of the places on their wish list was to be able to see the Crystal Cathedral in Garden Grove. It was about 1/2 hour away from where we were staying for the event in Long Beach. There’s a book store / gift shop on the grounds of the Cathedral and the 4 of us were shopping around.  David, my husband, happened to hear some random shoppers, on the other side of the book shelves, talking about a business associate of ours, who the 4 of us knew quite well. The guy they were talking about happens to be a close business associate of our friends that we were showing around the Cathedral’s store. Our friends were his mentor and they had helped to change his life. Of course, never one to miss a chance to talk to anyone, anytime, David zipped around the shelves and asked the people if they recalled hearing this guy talk on his audios about a man named Dr. George and how Dr. George was actually his mentor. Of course they said that they’d heard him speak of Dr. George. That was a big part of his talks. Then David says to them, ‘How would you like to actually meet ‘the’ Dr. George and his wife, right now?!

Can you imagine shopping around on a Sunday afternoon, having a quiet conversation about a guy who’s a motivational speaker, and a stranger pops his head around the corner to you and says, ‘Hey, would you like to meet that guy’s mentor, the one who taught him everything, the one who got him started on his pathway to success?’ I know they were a bit shocked, but I think extremely pleased to meet someone so famous, so kind and motivating, and someone who’s always willing to take time with you to encourage you in your endeavors in life.

This is the kind of coincidence I’m talking about that I really love. This is an opportunity to give back, to be uplifting to someone, to actually give the gift of encouragement and to give a compliment which is like the ribbon on top of the gift. Dr. George and Marion never fail to give that gift when they meet you. When you meet them, they build you up, encourage you and leave you with a compliment that will make your day.

I want to learn from them and from that experience. I would like to be someone who is prepared to give back, at a moments notice, even to strangers, even when I’m on vacation and even when I’m unprepared. As much fun as a the Crystal Cathedral coincidence was, I love flowersit was more than a moment in time. It was fun, it became meaningful and it changed our lives just a little bit for the good. It was an opportunity in which we were able to bring 2 strangers together, where Dr. George was able to do what he does best, encourage and build up people and we all went away richer that day.




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