Balloons and the President

You know I love a good story; especially when all worlds collide into an amazing coincidence. A coincidence is a just a series of simultaneous events, but when you start thinking about all the details and you ponder the odds of the events happening, all at the same time, and that’s when it becomes amazing.

Our whole family flew to Panama, to do a parade on Christmas Day. Grandpa invented the cold air inflatable; no seriously, he invented the cold air inflatables so his business flies people all over the world to do parades and events.

Ballons and the President
Balloons and the President

Airport customs can be a real drag and Panama was no different. As we stood in line, Abby said to me, ‘There’s a lady behind me that keeps bumping into me.’ Weird, but she probably felt as impatient as we did but it was annoying. I decided, to face her head on, instead of ignoring her, and see if we could figure it out. Instead of being rude, though, I turned to her in the friendliest way I could muster and said, ‘Hi, Are you travelling to Panama for a vacation or coming home?’ She went from looking annoyed, to smiling and said that she was actually from Panama and now lived in Boston. She was home to visit her mother. I said that was so great because I had some questions about visiting Panama and she was the perfect person to ask. We ended up having a nice conversation and everyone went away happy.

Panama Parade, Life Lesson
Flying the Giant Clifford in Panama

Two days later it was parade day and my job was to bring the babies to see the parade in the afternoon. The rest off my whole fam had been slaving in 100 degree weather setting up the balloons ;). The kids and I were supposed to sit in the VIP area, but someone forgot our passes. With Isaac, my right hand 11 year old man, and 4 babies, I set off for VIP. For some lovely reason, the lady in charge of security believed me when I said my 5 children and I were supposed to sit up in the pavilion. While I was setting up the double stroller, the babies, the diaper bag, our cool sunglasses and our seats, I kept noticing, out of the corner of my eye, a woman watching me very carefully. Finally I looked up at her, and to my surprise, it was the lady from the customs line at the airport.

I smiled and asked her what she was doing there, (in VIP mind you!) and she told me that her sister was in charge of security there. Yikes! Can you imagine if I’d treated her really rudely at the airport and told her to back off? She could have had her sister kick our butts right out of VIP.

Life Lesson – Remember the Golden Rule. Treat people the way you’d like to be treated. The real rule, of course is – Matthew 7: Whatever you want men to do to you, do also to them… (NKJV) 

Isn’t it the worst when you learn lessons the hard way; from your own personal mistakes. This time I narrowly escaped learning this lesson the hard way, because I didn’t act rudely. Instead, the whole experience was positive from start to finish.

Remember I said it was a weekend of Balloons and the President. I didn’t stop to wonder why there was such heavy security in the VIP area of a parade. It turns out that the VIP I love flowerspavilion was set up specifically for the President of Panama to view the parade and we were sitting right up there with him and didn’t know it!!! Haha, missed the awesome photo op, missed the bragging rights. Oh well, another day.



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