Sharing is Healthy

Sharing is Healthy! It’s hard for anyone to share, but little kids definitely want their own way. Sharing is just not a natural thing to want to do. But, sharing is healthy, and good for you. I need to help my little sweethearts see the advantages of sharing and get them to actually do it. As […]

Hobbies are Healthy

Hobbies are awesome for children. Hobbies are healthy! Even when it means extra work for mama? Yes,…it is worth it. So let your kids explore. Caleb’s best buddy, Tanner loves rock collecting. Then he finds out that his cousin, Adler is into rock collecting, too, so that made it totally exciting. He collected some rocks […]

Spare the Laundry and Spoil the Child

I know you’ve heard “Spare the Rod and Spoil the Child”. That’s an old fashioned paraphrase of the Bible verse – ‘Whoever does not discipline his son hates him, but whoever loves him is diligent to correct him.’ ISV Today I say “Spare the Laundry and Spoil the Child”. Lessons I’ve learned from normal life […]

Our Newest Homeschool Project

I just found a really great HomeSchool project. It’s actually great even if your kids goes to school, It’s a great project. We’ve homeschooled our 9 children for most of their school life. Time and money were tight, but most of all, energy was tight. If you can imagine that;) There was always a baby or […]

Life, It’s Complicated

Life, it’s complicated. One moment, I have a desperately important situation I’m dealing with, and the next moment, I’m fussing about being slim! I’m not trying to be a tall, blonde fashion model, or a 22 year old cheerleader, I just want to have my slim, youthful self, and still be going strong.  I was such a goofball […]

What’s Mama’s #1 Problem

Hey There, So here’s the question of the day! What’s Mama’s #1 Problem? Is it:  a) Baby’s teething? b) Baby won’t sleep? c) Baby won’t go potty? Dude! You have to think like me! The Answer Is:…How am I going to lose the baby fat?   Am I right or am I right? I had trouble having patience after […]

Families That Eat Together – Stay Healthy Together?

Really? Families that eat together are healthier? Studies show, that not only do children like to sit down at the dinner table and eat a meal with their parents. They are more likely to eat a well-balanced, nutritious meal when they do! Start a tradition of eating together with your little babies. It’s easier to train them to sit […]

You’re a Great Mom, No Matter How You Started

How Did You Start to Become a Great Mom? I talk a lot about your dreams and desires to raise your little ones to be successful in life. They’re the most beautiful little people to be born, to anyone, ever, in the history of the world. Those little sweethearts make you want to be a […]

Secret Santa…Guilt!

I have Secret Santa guilt!  Gifts are on my mind a lot. I don’t live to get presents, but I like them as much as anyone else. It’s worse when I give gifts because it’s so hard for me to choose something great and I agonized over trying to give the very best thing. I need to be smart with the $$, but honestly, if […]