A Horse in My House – Impossible!

Back in the day, some airlines had seating groups, where 2 seats faced backward and 2 faced forward. What do you do when you’re sitting there facing strangers for 4 hours? This is a very common arrangement on a train, so I don’t know why I think it would feel a little awkward on a plane. I guess I’m just not used to it. I’m imagining in my mind how I would act. Would I look them in the eye? Would I keep to myself and look the other way? I think that most people would engage in polite conversation whenever you made eye contact with your temporary travel companions. I wouldn’t think anything too earth shattering would come from a few simple exchanges with a stranger. I certainly wouldn’t think that some kind of coincidence about to be revealed.

David, my husband, was travelling from LA to Detroit, through Phoenix. He was assigned a seat facing backwards. He is very outgoing and would talk to anyone and everyone, especially if they were face to face for four hours. He opened a conversation with a lady across from him and asked if she was travelling home from a trip to Phoenix, or if Phoenix was her home. She said that she lived in Phoenix, but had grown up in Metro Detroit. He asked what area and she named a town near us. Instantly, that makes the conversation much more fun when you realize that you have something in common.

What an impossible coincidence
Your Horse in My House

She told him that she used to ride her horse around our lake so he described our house and what it probably looked like when she was a girl. Our house is very old and used to be a general store. The yard had a picnic area, and people would launch their boats from our lake property. The old store had been left abandoned for many years before we bought it and turned it into our house. The lady looked at him in shock and said she knew exactly where our house was and what it used to look like. When she was a little girl, she used to ride her horse to the store to buy candy, and the store owner let her ride her horse right into the store; in one door and right out the other. She rode her horse in and out of our actual house! Isn’t that crazy?

How does a conversation like this even take place? He was on the same flight. He was sitting near a stranger that could have been sitting in any seat on that same plane, but happened to be across from him. They were both willing to engage in some kind of conversation, and the conversation turned into something where all worlds collided. It ended up revealing an amazing coincidence. There are too many circumstances that all had to come together to allow the details of this event to come to light.

What was the meaning of this convo? Was it just to exchange some pleasantries or to impact others for some reason; I love flowersfor good or bad? We are here for a reason and we impact each others lives, sometimes intentionally, and sometimes not intentionally. I don’t have an answer! I just enjoy speculating about this whole situation and wondering why or how it all came about. I wonder if the lady is somewhere in Phoenix telling this same story to her friends. What a Coincidence ! How Fun.

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