A Gift

What is a gift, really?

Is it a thing, an item, their favorite toy?

 Is it the spirit of giving or the heart of the giver? When something is given by someone with a sweet generous spirit, then the gift is so much special.

Is it kind words? I believe that there is so much power in words that when  words are said in kindness and build you up, they are more valuable than any toy that’s wrapped in pretty paper.

Sweet words that are said in love are the icing on the cake or the ribbon on top.

Mmmm…Warm Coffee. My Favorite!

The ribbon on top is like the gift of warm coffee

 Giving of the Bounty of the Earth. Valuable!

A Gift is a Gift
 Yayyy…12 Little Presents. Fun!
A gift is best with the ribbon on topOooohh…A Surprise. Excited!

I want to celebrate you

Awww…A Rose, the Beauty of God’s Creation.

A flower is pretty like the ribbon on top

The ultimate Gift 


I love you!

Now that’s the Ribbon On Top of every gift.

The season of giving is here. Get ready, there are 7 more Fridays till Christmas. What are you giving this year?

I love flowers, they're like a ribbon on top

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