Sharing is Healthy

Sharing is Healthy! It’s hard for anyone to share, but little kids definitely want their own way. Sharing is just not a natural thing to want to do. But, sharing is healthy, and good for you. I need to help my little sweethearts see the advantages of sharing and get them to actually do it. As […]

Hobbies are Healthy

Hobbies are awesome for children. Hobbies are healthy! Even when it means extra work for mama? Yes,…it is worth it. So let your kids explore. Caleb’s best buddy, Tanner loves rock collecting. Then he finds out that his cousin, Adler is into rock collecting, too, so that made it totally exciting. He collected some rocks […]

Spare the Laundry and Spoil the Child

I know you’ve heard “Spare the Rod and Spoil the Child”. That’s an old fashioned paraphrase of the Bible verse – ‘Whoever does not discipline his son hates him, but whoever loves him is diligent to correct him.’ ISV Today I say “Spare the Laundry and Spoil the Child”. Lessons I’ve learned from normal life […]