Crystal Cathedral Coincidence

I‘m loving hearing about stories where people run into others in strange and unplanned places. The coincidences seem impossible and I’m wondering why these coincidences happen and what does it all mean. I believe we’re all connected through the tapestry of life and we can take these chances to build up each other and use […]

Cool Animal Parts

I feel very light-hearted today and I don’t have anything incredibly deep or instructional to say. I just want to tell you that  ‘As you lay on summer day, in a warm and sunny place, don’t look up into the skies, instead look down and squint your eyes. ‘Squint your eyes so very tight, and if you look with all your […]

M.O.B. – ‘Mother of Boys’

Yes I’m a MOB – Mother of Boys. We actually have 9 kids. 3 Girls and 6 boys, but it’s so funny when I go shopping with just 3 or 4 boys. Cashiers, shoppers, other passersby often exclaim to me that I really have my hands full with 4 boys or even just 3 boys, and how […]

Proud to be An American

It’s a privilege to not only live in America, but to be able to become an American Citizen. I am very thankful to be here and that I am married to a man who was determined to live here someday and made it happen soon after we were married. I am very thankful that our country is still the ‘Land […]

Give Back

The Ribbon On Top is a place where I want to give back. Using kind or encouraging words is a great way to give back. We can’t always physically do something for others, but we can speak, share and pray and nothing can stop us from doing that. A large part of giving back is to be grateful and to express that gratitude. Today […]